The Truth About Six Pack Abs VIDEOS are finally here!

Dramatically Improve Your Results with VIP Access to VIDEO Demonstrations of EVERY Single TAA Exercise...

The brand new Truth About Abs Online Video VIP Access Area is finally here!

You asked... we listened!

Seeing exercises in a manual is great, but having a Virtual Personal Trainer show you step-by-step EXACTLY how to do each exercise is priceless!  One of the MOST important aspects of your success will be making sure that you do every exercise with correct form.

Seeing exercise programs listed in a manual might sometimes leave you confused.  Not any more! 

In this Video VIP Access area, we'll even take you through some of the example workout routines to show you how the sequences and combinations work.

Inside the Truth About Abs Online Video VIP Access Area you'll also find:

  • How to burn body fat and get lean lower abs faster by learning all of the unknown tricks on how to maximize your results from these extremely effective exercises
  • View every single exercise and example workout program via the online VIP Video Access.
  • You also have the option to download any and all of the exercise and workout videos to your iPod!
  • Every warm-up routine
  • Every abdominal routine
  • Every full-body workout routine
  • The "Secret Weapon Exercises"
  • Reduce your risk of injury by having one of the top Personal Trainers (and Physical Therapist) in the industry take you through perfect form on each exercise.

I've hired Dr. Samhouri, an expert Doctor of Physical Therapy, to take you through every single TAA exercise in the program.

If you were to hire Dr. Samhouri for training sessions, it would cost you $140/session and would take 6 sessions to cover the same amount of material that's found in the Truth About Abs Online Video VIP Access Area. 

That means this Video Program has a real value of $840.  However, since we present this program as online Video demonstrations (as well as the iPod options), we've discounted the normal retail price to $97. 

Plus, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the exercise database and all other features of this Video VIP Access Area!


Option 1:

The Truth About Abs Online Video VIP Access Area -

Total Value -- equivalent of 6 sessions at $140/session with Dr Kareem: $840

Today's Price:  $97

choose this option if you already have a copy of the Truth about Six Pack Abs program

Option 2:


The Truth About Abs Online Video VIP Access Area combined with the original Truth about Six Pack Abs program -- Save more by purchasing both programs together!

Retail price of Online Video VIP Access Area: $97
Retail price of The Truth about Six Pack Abs program:  $39.95
Total Retail price combined:  $136.95

Today's discount price for choosing both together:  $109*

*This is equivalent to saving $28 off the normal price of The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program if you don't already have a copy.

(includes the TAA Online Video VIP Access Area, but combined with the original Truth about Six Pack Abs Package so that you have the entire nutritional plan, mindset techniques, motivational audios, training philosophies, stomach fat melting workout programs and all of the other components to assure you get maximal full body results and permanent fat loss)

If you are undecided whether you need a copy of the main TAA program, just view some of my other readers experiences (opens new window)

choose this option if you do NOT already have a copy of the Truth about Six Pack Abs program


Please note:  The entire TAA Online Video VIP Access Area, Truth about Abs program, and bonus audios and videos will all be accessible and downloadable online after you order. You will receive access to all of the components immediately after your order goes through.  Nothing is physically shipped to your mailing address with this program. It is all provided to you online without having to wait for any shipments.

You're going to LOVE all of these videos... it's like having your own virtual Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist right on your computer or iPod!  Enjoy!


Mike Geary
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author - Worldwide best seller: The Truth about Six Pack Abs (over 276,000 readers in 163 countries)


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